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The Diskreet Charm of correctly accounted documents


Accountancy pictures tell the story about a quite bizarre episode of my life.

First you should know that I initially worked as an editor in different magazines, so I worked constantly with words and sentences. However my hobbies were mostly visual things like painting, photography, etc. So we have words and pictures.
But it happened that after 1995 my health started somehow getting worse, and quite quickly it was clear that I could not continue working in journalism any longer. I needed to do something for a living while staying at home. After some troubles I persuaded my wife, who is an accountant to go and start up a new firm together in accountancy services.
It is much easier said than done. I had to kit out a home office, find clients and more importantly, I had to learn something about accounting. Therefore I found myself on an accountancy crash course.
The course was all right. Lecturer was lecturing, students studied. But there were some strange things happening in my head. Instead of solutions to  accountancy problems there were jumping out pictures in rather vintage fashion. I was unable to stop them. They continued appearing even during the final exam.
The explanation is – for me – quite easy. My brain, it’s whole life been accustomed to processing words and sentences, now it was forced to change everything and right now start working in the world of numbers. My – then fifty years old – brain didn’t manage the situation and somehow collapsed into a pictures world.


Náklady příštích období

The cost of next period

Some of these first unwanted pictures I later painted… And from time to time I added some new…Later on, when the first amazement from accountancy was gone, the pictures stopped being so obtrusive, and changed to decent stupid brain waves as we all know them. Nevertheless, I continued painting them occasionally and, when the opportunity arose, I decided to exhibit them.
So here you are. The name of the exhibition is  „The Discreet Charm of correctly accounted documents“.


The Inspection at the Financial Office

The Inspection at the Financial Office


The winter is coming painting in oil,2005

„The winter is coming“,  painting in oil,2005